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Celebrating 1 Year! Candy, Sweet and Sour: Young Adult Fiction

To celebrate the first year of my debut novel, Candy, Sweet & Sour  being out in the world, I am giving away free copies of the ebook on June 25th and June 26th, so you can get to know Candy before the sequel is released this Fall! Happy reading!  Please download, read, and leave a review!  And tell all of your friends! :)  

Candy Turns 1! Happy Belated Birthday!

  I published my debut novel, Candy, Sweet & Sour,  June 6, 2021 on Amazon Kindle and in paperback.  To celebrate, get your copy FREE on Amazon kindle June 26th-June 27th, 2022!  Don't forget to leave your honest review! That it has been over a year is astonishing, and yet it is even more astonishing that it hasn't been two or five years given the events over the past 12 months.  Ups and downs to be sure.  In real life, Mama got sick and has been in intensive care.  After a couple of months, she is finally giving them heck in a rehabilitation facility, where she is cranky and tells her physical therapist she wants to sleep.  At night, she goes to the common areas like the recreation room and looks for flowers to rearrange and people to meet. Mama's flower arrangement. Mama picked these flowers in the garden. Goats at my daddy's house. Goats at my daddy's house. Some of the inspiration for Candy in my sister/mama's room at my daddy's. Me, out for a walk w

May Book Sale: Candy, Sweet & Sour Free on Amazon Kindle May 2-May 3, 2022

May Book Sale: Candy, Sweet & Sour Free on Amazon Kindle May 2-May 3, 2022  

Beat Around the Bush Bertha (Chapter 2 of Candy, Too!)

Chapter 2: Beat Around the Bush Bertha I decided to start with phase one, buttering Grandma up, trying to get in her good graces to get her to get the Internet so I can do my research and figure out how to get our blood tested before I take more drastic measures like going back to school. I need her to love me like she loves Uncle Tommy, her adult son who just moved back in over here a few weeks back, after Daddy Bobby visited. I think he's about the same age as Dreama Mae, my oldest sister, maybe a little younger, which makes him a LOT younger than Mama. I almost said than Mama was, but that makes me sad. I don't like to dwell on Mama not being here no more. Sometimes I trick myself by telling myself maybe Mama's locked up like my brothers which is why I don't see her. Or maybe she's in a Witness Protection program because she saw someone rob a bank and has to testify or maybe she's been kidnapped by aliens. I know I saw her body in that casket, I know deep dow

Chapter 1: Secrets & Blood (From Candy, Too!, the sequel to Candy, Sweet & Sour)

  Chapter 1: Secrets & Blood Chapter 1: Secrets & Blood ​​I have a secret. It's a secret so big it keeps me up nights. It feels like a bird in my chest trying to come out all beating around in there and batting his wings, causing a racket and making it where I can hardly sleep or even breathe sometimes. I swear I can see it moving in my chest just underneath my breastbone and below my collarbone. I have two secrets, actually, but one of 'em is bigger than the other. If you know me, you know how hard it is for me to keep secrets. Mama always did call me Mouth of the South, said if you wanted everybody to know something, all you had to do was tell me and I'd be sure to broadcast it. I'd do it even faster if you told me it was a secret and not to tell anybody. Mama sure did know me, and she knew how much I loved to spill the tea. Only this time, it's my tea, and I don't want to share. Not all of it, anyway. After Mama died and I came to live with Grandma De

My Writing (Wo)Manifesto

  My Writing (Wo)Manifesto  May I overcome fantasies of perfection & just write write (right) now! May I find a joyful balance between academic & creative writing & living. May I accept that  living  fully is a form of prewriting, of gathering stories, of filling my writer's cup. May I allow myself to make  mistakes, to write without fear, to understand that my work will always be in  progress . May my words be helpful to others, may they find those that are  seeking  them. --Bobbi Faulkner What is Your  Manifesto? After reading Sark's   Juicy Pens, Thirsty Paper  (2008),  I took her up on her invitation to write a contract with myself, to write my own writer's manifesto.   It is my contract with myself, my promise to stop letting my desire to be perfect keep me from writing.  I will never get better without practice, and this (wo)manifesto helps me keep my goals as a writer front and center, giving me a space to articulate my beliefs as a writer and a chance to

All About Candy, Sweet & Sour: Bobbi Faulkner's Debut Novel

 Get your copy on Amazon today!   Free on Kindle Unlimited.  Also available in paperback.