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Fun Beach Read

I have it on good authority that Candy, Sweet & Sour is an excellent beach read with its bite-sized chapters. Get your copy today on Amazon !  Free in the kindle unlimited store and also available in paperback.  Discussion guide available here  and available for free on Teachers Pay Teachers . Synopsis After the Lovelet family’s third house fire, Candy and her family are staying with Uncle Ronnie, “the town crazy”, in a less-than-desirable neighborhood. During Candy’s 5 th grade year at school, her two youngest brothers go on drug-fueled crime sprees and get arrested. Internet trolls bash the family online, other kids shun Candy, and a D.S.S. worker comes knocking on the door. Meanwhile, Candy reminisces about her oldest brother, who is already in prison, her oldest sister who has beaten the odds and become a teacher, and her other sister, who died before Candy was born. Candy suffers anxiety attacks as the events of the novel unfold. She sees that her love interest, Tyler, is no