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Crime Spree

 Crime Spree, Excerpted from  Candy, Sweet & Sour.   Click  here  to read chapter 1, Ninnies. 2 teens, alarmed Thwarted attempt at a crime spree 18 year-old Cooter Dale Wilson Of Cole Street in Marion, charged: 3 counts, Felony Breaking & Entering, Misdemeanor Injury to Property, 1 count of Felony Breaking & Entering a Motor Vehicle, A simple assault offense. Crime spree started Around 11 am on Monday, June 22 —busted the window out of a truck “They couldn’t find anything Inside the truck to steal, so All they took was a screwdriver,” Said the detective. Then, went to Quick Mart, Threw a rock at the door. The glass didn’t break— The alarm sounded. Ventured to Arizona Pawn, Wanted to break in to steal guns, Tried to pry open the door— The alarm sounded. Saw a police officer— Fled into the woods. Later, came out, Attempted to bust their way Into the ABC store. Tried once again— Alarm went off. The teens were drinking.