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New Cover! Candy, Sweet and Sour

It has come to my attention recently that the original cover for Candy, Sweet and Sour looked like a book about child trafficking. Imagine my chagrin when this tidbit came up at dinner with a dear friend. She is my greatest champion and is always telling fellow bibliophiles to read my book. When she showed the paperback to someone, they recoiled in horror because of the image of the girl with the lollipop.  People DO judge a book based off it's cover, so I immediately changed the cover. Since publishing three years ago, I have become better at graphic design.  The original cover was created using Amazon's paperback cover designer on KDP, and I started with a generic design and used one of their stock photos. My new cover reflects themes in the book and was created using Canva.   What are your thoughts? Do you like the new cover? Are you more likely to read this book now that the cover is changed than previously? Get your copy on  Amazon  today!   Free on Kindle Unlimite