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Beat Around the Bush Bertha (Chapter 2 of Candy, Too!)

Chapter 2: Beat Around the Bush Bertha I decided to start with phase one, buttering Grandma up, trying to get in her good graces to get her to get the Internet so I can do my research and figure out how to get our blood tested before I take more drastic measures like going back to school. I need her to love me like she loves Uncle Tommy, her adult son who just moved back in over here a few weeks back, after Daddy Bobby visited. I think he's about the same age as Dreama Mae, my oldest sister, maybe a little younger, which makes him a LOT younger than Mama. I almost said than Mama was, but that makes me sad. I don't like to dwell on Mama not being here no more. Sometimes I trick myself by telling myself maybe Mama's locked up like my brothers which is why I don't see her. Or maybe she's in a Witness Protection program because she saw someone rob a bank and has to testify or maybe she's been kidnapped by aliens. I know I saw her body in that casket, I know deep dow