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My Writing (Wo)Manifesto


My Writing (Wo)Manifesto 

May I overcome fantasies of perfection &
just write
write (right) now!

May I find a joyful balance
between academic & creative writing & living.

May I accept that living fully
is a form of prewriting, of gathering stories,
of filling my writer's cup.

May I allow myself to make  mistakes, to write without fear, to understand
that my work will always be in progress.

May my words be helpful to others, may they find those that are seeking them.

--Bobbi Faulkner

What is Your  Manifesto?

After reading Sark's Juicy Pens, Thirsty Paper (2008), I took her up on her invitation to write a contract with myself, to write my own writer's manifesto.  

It is my contract with myself, my promise to stop letting my desire to be perfect keep me from writing.  I will never get better without practice, and this (wo)manifesto helps me keep my goals as a writer front and center, giving me a space to articulate my beliefs as a writer and a chance to interrogate my writing practice, revealing my hindrances (never feeling that a piece is done) and reminding me of my purpose (to share my words with others in a way that resonates with them so that they can learn from my life experiences and realize that whatever they are experiencing, they are not alone.  Dear reader, that is you!

Your Turn!

It is your turn.  As Sark does in Juicy Pens, I invite you to write your own Writer's Manifesto.  Do as I did.  Grab some special paper, some markers or some paint, and create your own artful contract.  Then, post it here!  As you can tell from the photo above, not only have I shared my manifesto here with you, but I also posted it in a prominent place in my house--it is hanging above my bed, offering me the opportunity to see and reflect on it at least twice a day--when I wake up and before I go to bed.  Having my manifesto so visible helps me to stay focused as a writer and to continue to identify as a writer which is important in following through to the next step--actually taking all of these thoughts in my head and transcribing them to paper and/or screen.

Writer's Manifesto Questions

As you write, ask yourself why you write.  Are you like me?  Do you write because it is as natural and important to you as breathing?  Reflect on why you are called to write and be sure to include your motivation in your manifesto.  Ask yourself how writing makes you feel.  What keeps you from writing?  How can you overcome those obstacles?

What Next?

After you have written your manifesto and shared it here, take the next step.  Find your writer's journal (or your favorite spot with your laptop) and select your favorite pen, and start writing.  Let the words fly.  I will share links to your resulting work on my blog!

Happy writing.


To learn more about Sark's excellent writing resource, read my summary/review/response here.


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