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Candy Lovelet Starts 7th Grade in Candy, Too

In the sequel to Candy, Sweet & Sour  by Bobbi Faulkner, Candy, Too  (to be released in fall on Amazon), Candy Lovelet starts 7th grade.  Will her life improve now that Mama is gone and she is away from her brothers? Read the first chapter here and on Wattpad .  

New Book Reviews

As an author, I am so excited to hear from my readers.  Here are three recent reviews that I found motivating and thrilling for different reasons.  I am excited to find my main character compared to Holden Caulfield from Salinger's  Catcher in the Rye .  I am pleased that readers find the chapters bite-sized and the book engaging enough to read it through in one sitting.  Please leave me a review on Amazon if you have read Candy, Sweet & Sour. Your reviews help new readers discover my book, and they give me valuable feedback as an author.

Fun Beach Read

I have it on good authority that Candy, Sweet & Sour is an excellent beach read with its bite-sized chapters. Get your copy today on Amazon !  Free in the kindle unlimited store and also available in paperback.  Discussion guide available here  and available for free on Teachers Pay Teachers . Synopsis After the Lovelet family’s third house fire, Candy and her family are staying with Uncle Ronnie, “the town crazy”, in a less-than-desirable neighborhood. During Candy’s 5 th grade year at school, her two youngest brothers go on drug-fueled crime sprees and get arrested. Internet trolls bash the family online, other kids shun Candy, and a D.S.S. worker comes knocking on the door. Meanwhile, Candy reminisces about her oldest brother, who is already in prison, her oldest sister who has beaten the odds and become a teacher, and her other sister, who died before Candy was born. Candy suffers anxiety attacks as the events of the novel unfold. She sees that her love interest, Tyler, is no

Candy-Isms: Quotes from Candy


Book Love

 My readers have started a trend, sharing their book love with me as they read Candy, Sweet & Sour.    Please share your BOOKLOVE in the comments.                     Available now on Amazon by girlfaulkner

Candy, Sweet & Sour Book Trailer

If Candy Wrote Poetry

If  Candy Wrote Poetry: Candy, from Candy, Sweet & Sour penned this poem in one of her notebooks.